Cemetery Mapping: Online Mapping Software for Cemeteries

Online Mapping

Walk to Site Technology

 Key Features

  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Instantly Map Grave Locations
  • Walk-to-Site GPS for Smart Phones
  • Designed to match your existing website.

 Key Benefits

  • Web Hosting is Included
  • No expensive GIS Map Needed
  • Allow Customers to help themselves
  • Save money on Web Design

Our Walk-to-Site product has one of our most innovative and desired features – Online Cemetery Mapping of Plots & Graves!

Quickly and easily map your cemetery graves online! Unbelievably easy at ridiculous speeds. No one else has made mapping so easy or affordable.

Exclusive Online Grave Plotter

Many Cemeteries have a GIS Map or GIS Mapping Software to manage their cemetery plots and graves.
We have created an amazing software that perfectly integrates a cemetery’s GIS Map, grave records, and Google Maps (known among technology leaders as the most popular and powerful mapping software available to the general public).
How fast is it? We’ve accurately map cemeteries with over 20,000 graves in less than 4 hours!

Map a Cemetery with any Computer! No GIS Map, No Problem!

For those cemeteries who have outdated maps or have not yet paid for an expensive GIS map or GIS Mapping Software, we have created a revolutionary way to map a cemetery! 

Use any computer with internet access: Netbook, Laptop, PC or Mac Computer.


The Result: Powerful Online Cemetery Searching & Walk-to-Site Capabilities

After a cemetery is mapped the results are extremely useful. All of a cemetery’s records are tied to the grave location allowing for many queries and data relationships to be established.  It’s sounds technical, but let us break it down:

  • Our CemSITES product allows a cemetery to publish their public records online.
  • This allows anyone to find the location of a specific grave within seconds from the cemetery’s very own website.
  • The web page will show a map marking the exact spot of the grave along with any public information regarding the deceased (full name, date of birth, date of death, genealogy, etc).
  • The “coolest” part of the CemSITES software is the Walk-to-Site feature allowing anyone to use their own smartphone with GPS to be guided directly to the grave they are searching for.  

If you think that is impressive, wait until you learn about Revenue Plus and our Secure CRM. These products truly bring cemeteries into the 21st century by adding complete e-commerce and powerful cemetery management software!

Make sure to call 877-783-9626 or request our cemetery mapping demo to see it in action for yourself.